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Living in a material world

One of my favorite things about sewing is the diversity of available materials to work with. The aisles of fabric stores feel endless -- not to mention the unlimited possibilities for unconventional materials. Aside from fabric, there's also a wide variety of buttons, trims, and notions.

While cotton is clearly my favorite fabric to work with (so many fun prints!), every now and then I branch out and explore different fabric aisles (or web pages -- hello quarantine!). That's how I found this light blue floral lace.

I find it completely intimidating to work with a new fabric for the first time, but it usually turns out fine! Then, I'm no longer afraid to work with that fabric. Except for knits, knits are always scary. (At least so far).

I made this dress using New Look 6262, view B. I borrowed the 3/4 length sleeves from a different pattern, but otherwise made no changes! This dress was my first time working with lace. The weight of this lace made it incredibly easy to work with. Sewing with this fabric was just like sewing with woven cotton! Although simple, I love the sleeves of this dress. While the bodice and skirt are fully lined, the sleeves are not, which provides a subtle contrast.

In addition to cotton and lace, I have worked with polyester (aka sheets), linen (aka tablecloths), flannel, velvet, satin, jacquard, and limited knits. While scary at first, I'm so glad to have these fabrics in my repertoire.

I definitely have more lace projects up my (lace) sleeves.


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