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Knit Happens

I have a confession to make. I'm afraid of working with knit fabric. The fabric slides off the table when you're cutting it and stretches inexplicably such that cutting multiple layers at a time results in major variations between "identical" pattern pieces. Once cut, knit fabric jams the sewing machine and puckers at its seams. Needless to say, I don't have a great history with knit fabric. That said, I could not resist this ponte knit from JoAnn. It's so soft and luxurious-feeling, and I find the subtle herringbone print to be charming! I will admit that once purchased, this fabric hung out in my stash for months. What can I say? I'm afraid of knits!

I finally worked up the courage to cut into the fabric and made this jumper using Simplicity 8944. I cut the pattern pieces a little smaller than I usually do since the fabric has some give, and I had enough fabric left over to self-line the bodice.

Ponte is a knit and therefore no fun to cut. I'm honestly surprised the jumper looks as good as it does; I swear every one of my pattern pieces seemed to come out a different size. However, sewing with ponte was a breeze! My machine didn't jam once, and now I understand why some seamstresses equate sewing with ponte to sewing with a woven.

The best thing about this pattern has to be the pockets. They're huge! I also love that they are a distinct feature of the garment, rather than hidden in a side seam. The other thing I love about this jumper is how comfortable it is! While a bit heavy, ponte knit is so soft and cozy.

This will not be my last knit project.


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