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Looking Sharp!

If you can't tell by all of my cat-themed dresses, I frequently use my clothing to communicate my interests. Making my own dresses makes this especially fun! I love wandering the aisles of fabric stores (or these days, perusing their online listings) to find fabrics that speak to me. This dress speaks to my love for houseplants.

Now I know what you're thinking, "I've seen your yard! There's no way you're into gardening!" You're half right. Since we are renters and planning to move in the next year, I can't bring myself to invest time and energy into maintaining our yard. Instead, I channel my green thumb into caring for numerous houseplants which adorn nearly every windowsill inside our house. The majority of these plants are cacti and succulents, which require minimal care and thrive in our California weather.

My love for plants began as a kid when my mom would let me pick out small cacti during trips to nurseries and gardening centers. They inevitably died within a few weeks (I'm pretty sure I watered them to death), but I always loved having a prickly friend to admire and care for. Now, I'm much better at keeping my plants alive (the cacti and succulents, at least). I give them names and am delighted when they flower or grow additional arms and "nubs".

As you may have noticed, this dress is another Lisette, more commonly known as Simplicity 1419. I love making this dress with fun prints, and picking out contrast fabric for the Peter Pan collar. I paired this fun potted plant fabric from JoAnn with kelly green broadcloth for the collar. I think this dress came out plant-tastic!


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