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The Lisette

When I try a new sewing pattern, I typically have one of two reactions. I either finish the garment and put the pattern away forever (N = 1), or I immediately plan my next project, and when I finish that one, another (N ∞). The quintessential example is "the Lisette". My absolute favorite pattern (thus far) is the round trip dress from Lisette (Simplicity 1419). In my household, this pattern is simply referred to as "the Lisette". I came across this pattern while perusing sewing blogs and instantly fell in love. Unfortunately for me, this pattern was released in 2014 and was no longer in print by the time I discovered it. I searched Etsy and eBay, only able to find one copy of the pattern that was several sizes too large. I eyed the pattern daily, trying to decide if it was worth it to spend $15 on a pattern that wasn't even my size. Unpracticed at grading patterns, I was afraid that trying to grade the pattern by multiple sizes would result in an unwearable mess.

Thankfully, I didn't have to resort to that. A week and a half after discovering the pattern, my daily Google search revealed a new Etsy listing: the Lisette pattern in my size. I purchased the pattern immediately (heaven forbid somebody beat me to it) and was not disappointed.

I love the neckline, cap sleeves, and the optional peter pan collar. I didn't make the collar this time around, but have made it many times previously. Another thing to love about this pattern, this dress fits perfectly without any modifications. While the soft-pleated skirt is less full than I typically go for, this means that the dress requires less fabric: only 2.5 yards of 45" fabric, and less than 2 yards of 60".

I made this iteration of "the Lisette" using a fun novelty print from Timeless Treasures that features glow-in-the-dark cat astronauts. Just like the pattern, I found this fabric online and instantly fell in love. For a long time, I couldn't bring myself to cut into this fabric. It lingered in my fabric stash, waiting for the perfect project. Eventually, I decided that no project could be more perfect than making another iteration of my favorite dress.

While my perfect pattern is literally a Lisette, Maggie and I have begun to use the term to describe any pattern that we absolutely adore. Maggie recently found her "Lisette", retro Butterick 5748. My hope is that my Etsy shop can help other seamstresses to obtain their perfect pattern: their own personal "Lisette".


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