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When life gives you lemons, make a dress!

Now that we are social distancing and only leaving the house when essential, I no longer have anywhere to wear my new creations! Combine this with the additional sew-time (is it social distancing or sew-cial distancing?), and the backlog of sundresses I made during our California winter (sadly too cold to wear), and I've got A LOT of projects that have never been worn.

[enter this blog]

Thankfully, I have multiple photographers in-house (literally), so setting up a little photoshoot was a breeze! We live across the street from a small grocery store that now has a line at all times of the day. It was a little awkward taking photos in our front yard while the folks standing in line for groceries watched on, but what can ya do? I can tell you what I did -- just smile and remember that the whole point is to show off the dress!

So let's get to it! I made this dress using Simplicity 8873, a pattern by Gertie. I made the circle skirt rather than the gathered version, and used novelty fabric from JoAnn. I love the fullness of the skirt (it's a full circle!) and the tie detail of the straps!

The best part of showing off the dress in-house (rather than in the wild) is that I don't have to walk anywhere, and can wear these cute yellow heels without worrying about getting blisters!

I made this dress to wear on our trip to Hawaii. Sadly, we have cancelled our trip, so I will have to find somewhere else to wear this vibrant dress!

When life gives you lemons, make a dress! (And then create a blog to show it off).


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