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Stripe for the Picking

My dear grandmother requested a break from dresses made from sheets, so here's another dress fashioned from a tablecloth! At least linen is a step above polyester, right?

I made this dress using retro Vogue 8789. This pattern, originally from 1957, is a reproduction. I don't typically go for v-shaped necklines, but the opportunity for pattern matching was too good to pass up! Plus, you really can't go wrong with this silhouette. This was my first time pattern matching, so I was glad to have a less precious fabric to work with. I added pockets in the side seams and left out the cummerbund, but otherwise made no changes. The waistline of this dress hits about an inch and a half lower than my natural waist, so if I remake this pattern, I'll likely shorten the bodice.

Speaking of remaking this dress, I have some beautiful striped Jacquard that I have been holding onto for over a year. It's gorgeous, but Jacquard is definitely a scarier fabric to work with than cotton or linen. Plus, the print is fairly large, so the pattern matching will need to be impeccable. I hope this simple linen dress is a step towards feeling comfortable enough to cut into the Jacquard.

Here's some photos of my cat Jovi enjoying the shade of my petticoat:


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