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An Intersection of Interests

Time and again, I find that the most compelling projects are ones that combine multiple of my interests. For instance, my undergraduate thesis explored the design and fabrication of a ukulele-playing robot. This endeavor was fulfilling both in terms of my interest in music, as well as my interest in robotics. In graduate school, my favorite research project has been HäirIÖ, which explored embedding electronics in hair extensions. This was motivated both by my interest in wearable electronics, as well as lifelong love for braiding, dyeing, and styling hair. This dress is another example of an intersection of interests.

I made this dress using my favorite pattern, Simplicity 1419: the round-trip dress from Lisette. I absolutely adore this schematic fabric purchased from Finding this fabric and making a dress out of it was another opportunity to combine several interests: sewing, novelty dresses, and electronics design. Unsurprisingly, this dress is one of my favorites.

We've already established that I love this pattern, but I'm going to continue to rave about this print! The color is perfect and the design is subtle but intricate. I would make an entire wardrobe out of this fabric if I could. Featuring basic circuitry for radio conductivity, this fabric makes me want to design my own fabric, using the schematics from wearable devices that I have designed.

It's a good thing that I'm finished with all of my graduate coursework; I would probably get in trouble for trying to wear this dress during an exam. But it makes great (and accessible) reference material in lab! Furthermore, I love wearing this dress to give technical talks, demos, and other presentations. In research and in life, I continue to seek out opportunities for my various interests to meet and converge. Whether it is sewing, baking, engineering, music, or my love for animals, I'm excited for the possibilities.


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