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Christine Dierk

I'm a Research Scientist at Adobe.

I received my PhD in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) from UC Berkeley in 2020. My graduate research explored new form factors for wearable technologies, enabling novel interactions and new relationships with technology on the body. 

I'm passionate about building intuitive and meaningful interactive experiences that bring people together. Talk to me about wearable technology, interaction design, songwriting, and sewing!

Project Primrose

Clothing doesn't have to be static; it can be dynamic and even interactive! Project Primrose is novel display technology that turns everyday objects and surfaces into canvases for creativity.



What if our clothing and accessories could easily be updated with new designs?  AlterWear combines e-ink displays with NFC technology to explore dynamic clothing and accessories that never need to be charged or programmed. 



As technology becomes more integrated with the body, we can look to existing practices to inform intuitive interaction paradigms. HäirIÖ explores interactive hair extensions as a way to interact with personal devices.


Use Your Head!

Head-worn technologies are increasingly prevalent. This research looks to identify and evaluate appropriate input modalities for this growing category of wearable devices.



What if our personal expression through cosmetics could be made more interactive? AlterNail combines e-ink displays and NFC technology to render fingernails as ever-present, yet subtle displays. 



As skin-based electronics become more prevalent, we can examine existing practices to inform intuitive interaction paradigms. Lotio leverages the familiar practice of applying lotions and creams as a mediator for skin-based electronics.



What if air quality sensing could be made more accessible? MyPart is the first personal, portable, and accurate particle sensor under $50 capable of distinguishing and counting differently sized particles.

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